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Specialized software solutions in Cloud as a Service (SaaS).

Online administration tool for education institutes


Oceancube offers an online administration and information system for educational organizations.

  • Ability to insert the grades of every student, per lesson and per month.
  • Add performance comments per lesson and per month for every student.
  • Relative information on each lesson curriculum.
  • Report on homework assigned to students.
  • Immediate notification of absent students on the material / tasks.
  • Full administration by the organization’s secretariat.
  • Capable to support chain schools.
  • Direct update and supervision of the students performance by parents.

The ERP that makes your life better


Oceancube provides cloud system to have control of your entire business, via only one system, our ERP software.

  • Disposal of electronic payment codes per customer or per payment.
  • Warehouse management.
  • Publishing and sending electronic documents.
  • Management of revenue-expenses.
  • Customer Management.
  • Interface with GSIS and VIES (EU) for VAT control of legal companies.
  • Encryption for making secure the exchanged information.
  • Configurable options covering every need.